Virtual offices are a new model for professional firms and small business'

Posted by TCC Canada on 11:07 AM, 28-Jul-13

Virtual offices have gained increasing traction in the recent years with social shifts and technological change. The Corporate Centre located in Canada's capital city, Ottawa offers four virtual office spaces and locations that are also physical offices to have a meeting or conference when needed. The main purpose and service that TCC offers is a virtual office to administer managerial tasks and paperwork that you can get out of your hair. Companies worldwide have turned to virtual offices and having virtual teams even to accommodate lifestyle-driven teams, which is a flexible shift in the paradigm of traditional offices.

Virtual offices allow you to work from home or be productive at your office, or if you simply need office space in a new location, a virtual office such as TCC can provide a solution. A virtual office from TCC allows business owners to have all the aspects of a traditional office, phone, fax, address, receptionist and a space to work if desired for a fraction of the cost of maintaining a traditional office year round. Virtual office spaces provide communication services, meeting room services and a registered business address. If one would like to have a prestigious business address, in a distinguished address, a virtual office with TCC is the solution for you. Another reason to have a valued address is because if you are working from home and don't have an address, it is unprofessional to give you home phone number or home address. This will be visible on Google maps and in today's world you need a proper and professional business address.

Virtual offices provide a feasible solution for at-home businesses and small businesses but they are also very effective for companies that work abroad or overseas. If your business is one that conducts business overseas or even across Canada, but would like a presence in a capital city that is bustling and flourishing, a virtual office with TCC is for you. Instead of paying for a tiny office suite in one believed central location such as New York City. Instead, chose the option of having multiple virtual office spaces in many cities all over the map or where your business will be most prominent.

There are multiple factors when searching for a virtual office space and TCC has it all. The communication services provided by TCCvirtual office spaces are a complete business management service including: automated phone answering, call forwarding, customer service, fax, live phone answering and a lobby directory listing in an exclusive location in Ottawa. There is a lobby greeter in front of the elevator banks to show associates to your address, online communication management, bilingual receptionists, outbound calling and order processing for your business.

TCC virtual offices have conformed to the new norm or going virtual an practical. Virtual office spaces can be extremely effective in managing your business or corporation. Try an effective means that many companies opt for, virtual office spaces have changed the business paradigm and they are here to stay.

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